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#1 Posted at 2014-09-26 02:41        
So I decided to conduct some empirical armor testing today (out of sheer boredom) of most of the vehicles in Arma 3. It was pretty comprehensive and involved tests from not only tank guns and missiles but mortars, 155mm artillery, mines, IEDS, etc. Some basic conclusions were drawn. I'll save those for later and get right to the meat.

C4 is equal to small IED and Satchels are equal to large IEDs. This simplified testing
Explosives were detonated directly underneath. Most vehicles can survive offset explosives unless they were quite large so I didn't bother testing.
Explosive strength least to most: SLAM, C4, AT Mine, Satchel

The Panther just simply won't die. I know from experience that it is surreal how much was attacking us at some points, but until i tested it, I had no idea.

The Panther can survive up to four PCMLs or two RPGs to the front at 100m, one frontal Titan hit (Locked) at 250m, all explosives up to the AT mine, 10 second delayed explosion from Satchels, a Direct hit from a HE 155mm Artillery, and up to four direct frontal armor hits from 120mm Sabot at 500m. It is truly INSANE how much punishment this thing can take and keep going.

Always, no matter what, take a Panther over any other APC or IFV. In many cases I'd take it over a M2 Slammer due to the 2 extra passengers and lower battlefield priority.

The only MRAP really worth a crap is the Ifrit. It could survive direct underneath explosions from C4, SLAMs, and AT mines. The Strider (Which isn't an MRAP) and Hunter both had fuel tank ruptures which meant they eploded 5 seconds later.

Wheeled APCs were flimsy in comparison to other vehicle types. The MSE-3 was vulnerable to all explosives of all kinds. It could not take an RPG from any angle, and direct hits to top armor from mortars killed it handily, and that doesn't even mention mines (C4 is fine, not anything else). The AFV-4 and AMV could survive missiles quite well but not explosives of any kind. The PCML would reliably kill any APC or IFV excluding the Panther with a locked shot at 50m (hits space between turret and hull), two (wheeled) to three (tracked) if further due to the missile's behavior

Tanks performed as expected. The M2 Slammer and T-100 were more or less equal, while the MBT-52 was about twice as tough and required one additional Titan at any angle for a kill, though Sabot rounds seemed to treat all armor equally. The M2 Slammer has a weak spot in the rear armor: the door. An RPG could kill it in one shot from any range if it hit the door. Otherwise, all tanks performed equally. RPG and PCML were ineffective unless it was a rear shot, which was disabling to all vehicles. Titans need three hits to the front armor for a kill

Testing with Mi-48 borne Skalpels showed that given a top armor shot (which is frequent) all vehicles die equally. Didn't bother with other Air to Ground Missiles given these results.