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Hello, I am making a small MP mission where you and whatever buddies your playing with are a Medevac team. In the mission you would go to a zone pick up injured ai units and bring them back to the aid station. For things like individual group management,loading/unloading, and the medical system, I am using AGM. In each ai units int field will have- this setVariable ["AGM_AllowUnconscious", true];-which allows the ai to be revived. This is what i need - I need for when you bring the AI units back to the Aid station they will leave their current group and join a preexisting group/not the players group/.
This group will be potentially made up of the survivors from many different groups and will wait at the aid station until they are picked up by the player again. So to be more clear i would like it to go down like this:
1. Go to area and load wounded unit into heli/truck.
2. Return to Aid station
3. Treat/revive unit
4. Treated unit joins survivor group in waiting area.
5. When enough units are in "survivor group" player may decide to Join group and become leader (using the AGM actions).
6. Transport "survivor group" to desired combat zone unload.
7. Use AGM action to leave group.
Then repeat . Step # 4 is what I fail to achieve.

/// Issues- 1. How to make joingroup command select any unit of specific side within trigger/marker area?
2. Can this be done without naming each unit and creating an unit array for the join command?

/// I imagine i could do this with a repeating trigger in conjunction with a join command but after trying many times i have had no success.
-In conclusion I ask please if anyone can shed any light on this issue i would be very grateful. The idea is to reinsert treated units back into the fight as a new restrengthened outfit.

Update/// Triggers work great with something like / [unit2,unit3] join svrgroup; / but i selects all units within array. Is there a way for the join command to only select units in the array that are within a certain radius? I only need units present at the aid station to join the survivor group, not every unit within the array.

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