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The Evil Within - Day 0


The Evil Within is a brand new campaign using the astonishing RHS:Escalation in combination with Bornholm. It gives you a taste of what it´s it like to fight in far more realistic setting than ArmA Vanilla, by using content from the RH-Studio which delivers high quality Mods since a long time which goes back to ArmA 1.

Inside this mission you will be highly outnumbered and take place in a 4 man elite squad. You will have to use all your skills and Equipment to survive this mission. There will be no support, no help and no ♥♥♥♥♥ respawn. Plan your way wisely, or get ♥♥♥♥ed multiple times.
And don´t forget to enjoy the high quality content of the implemented mods. These mod makers did an outstanding work.

Ever since Russia deployed their nuclear missile shield, Europe has been devastated. This cunning move has shattered the freedom that the Europeans took for granted. Even more crucial, it has paralyzed Europe's political landscape. And the Europeans rather sit on their ♥♥♥ than do something to get things back to normal. Therefore, it's up to us to fix this mess. The first country to fall was Ukraine, followed shortly by Poland. And is if that wasn't enough, Russia has laid their eye on Denmark while the Europeans stand by and watch. They have invaded the danish island Bornholm and in the process have turned it into their forward base, enabling airstrikes onto the rest of Denmark and even Germany.

Our job is to wake up the sleeping Europeans and get them to fight for themselves. We will anger the Russians by letting them think they got attacked by the danish resistance. At the moment, these insurgents are too peaceful since they think they couldn't withstand a mere second against the huge Russian army. They are correct in that assumption, of course. But still, we have to sacrifice this fragile freedom. It sounds terrible, but bloodbaths on both sides are necessary to mobilize the Europeans armies. And we need Europe to turn the tide in this conflict. Today, we might kill innocents, but we are ensuring the survival of thousands of other people who would inevitably die at the hands of the bloodthirsty Russians.

  • Tactical nightvision gameplay, with IR-Lasers
  • Advanced ambient simulation via high quality animations, sounds and effects
  • Very immserive missions with storyline
  • Animated hand to hand combat
  • 4 unique Squad Roles
  • No respawn

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    !!This Campaign (this is just the first mission of it) might contain content which is not made younger people, keep in mind it has a very mad story and you will take place as the evil within the story, I recommend to be 18+!!

    Known issues:
    Green Chemlight seems missing

    Steam Workshop:
    - Subscribe

    Credits & thanks:
    Special thanks goes to RH-Studios and the maker of Bornholm for making these outstanding mods. And of course to all the other mod creators. I also thank my friend Shooter for his support of the writings.

    Added 9 hours 29 minutes later:

    People seem to make fun of the age recommendation. Please be a bit more serious about this. Because if this mission would be rated in my country (Germany) it would be definitely banned from public. I don´t want to spoil any mission parts, that’s why I can´t talk about the content. But like I said you are playing a very authentic futuristic mission in the not so far future where you are part of the military breaking the Geneva Convention multiple times. You are doing war crimes. I would not allow my 14 years old child to play this.

    So please be more patient and mature to accept that its might not made for everyone. I also want to thank the nice Mod on here who made my post and upload look very pretty.

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