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#1 Posted at 2014-12-05 07:11        
Hi there I am creating a pvp multiplayer map for arma 3, each team has their spawn point at their main Vehicle/Air base and they have multiple zones to protect but they also have to take their enemies zones to win. Every single vehicle is at their main base and also respawns at their old positions after ten minutes but this makes them quite vulnerable to air and mortar attack. So what I am wanting to do is to create a zone where vehicles that originate in the zone are indestructible until they leave it, I've had a little crack at the code but so far i have had no luck, If anyone can help I would be very greatful.

while {true} do {
_list = [21000.2,7340.36] nearObjects ["Vehicle",100];
{ if {(_x distance [21000.2,7340.36,0]) < 100} then {
_x allowdamage false;} } forEach _list;