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#1 Posted at 2014-12-12 03:05        
This question comes to me everytime I download a mod (that adds a great new feature but should've been in vanilla ArmA to begin with), so Why doesn't Bohemia Interactive just take some successful user created mod that (adds features that have been asked for dozens of times before) and polish it up so that it works correctly with the rest of the game, and just add it as new content for a patch (With Author permission and Credits of course). For example there are some great simple mods that allow you to attach an explosive to a vehicle, but BIS still hasn't added the feature to vanilla ArmA, It seems like it would be so simple to add a feature like this. It seems like this would be so simple, and I would also imagine this would consume very little development time, while still adding new features to the vanilla game every patch/update. So I would like to know If this is a possibility for BIS as a way to improve their (Already Fantastic games) even faster, then why dont they just do this alongside their regular Dev. schedule?