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#1 Posted at 2014-12-12 13:49        
I work with an additional Tomb for you Tomb fans .You are going to have to use mods this time to get it to work.
There will be more story than before and I work a lot with how the environment should be.
You can find secrets just like in the other Tomb missions. The secrets of this missions will be a little more advanced,
That I can only reveal.
In this mission, I try to avoid the glitches when playing so I use a little god stuff of what others have modded.
For you to get to the next area, you must find and collect artifacts that will be hard to find. It should not just be about to shoot the enemy, but it will contain adventures in this mission as well.
I put up some pictures of an area that I'm working on .// Krigshjälte
This mission may take some time to get it to work properly