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#1 Posted at 2014-12-18 21:22        
So i'm trying to probably replace objects with another maybe an MRAP with a tank, in distance.

So cut to the point, i want a position defined or Game Logic to search specific house types within the specified distance from the Game Logic or defined position, then get their classname and position then execute a script with it.

Basically, something like this, which i am very sure, is wrong;

forEach ([Houseclass1,Houseclass2] that's =< 500 of (getPos this Game Logic/A predefined position here))
nul = [this,(get classname of house)] execVM "Script.sqf";

What do i do with the script is quite easy for me, could replace that house with a airport terminal or spawn a bomb at it as i like, i would just like help on this.

And for those who might get confused.

For each House 1 or House 2 that is 500 meters or lower from the Game Logic's position or a predefined position, execute this script while giving an array starting thiw the house's information itself, and followed by it's classname, if anyone knows how to get it's classname from within the script, it's fine by me, and please do share.

Thanks for any help!

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