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#1 Posted at 2014-12-30 06:49        
Ive been looking around and there is really not a lot of info out there on how to use RscAttributeDiaryRecord

i found this link about RscAttributeDiaryRecord

there are a few other examples on ArmaHolic about Intel files citing the command RscAttributeDiaryRecord but no one realy breaks it down on how its used. not even on Bis's wiki

So my question is how would i use the RscAttributeDiaryRecord to an object spawned by a script i kinda got it working but it just pop's up a blank intel file on the map with none of the info on it.

i placed a trigger in the condition block i have
!alive OPFOR_Intel_File
and in the act i have it set to call the function. so when the player picks up the intel file they get the first hint of where the enemy fob is. it spawns another intel file in one of three places for the players to get more hints or updated intel.
so this is the function i created to handle spawning the intel files and creating triggers when the player is near

in the init of the object i placed this (note this part has no problems its working the way i want it to)