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Advance The Flag


Advance The Flag was originally made for the game Arma2, but today it is being released to Arma3! Advance The Flag is a dynamic, zone capture based game mode. Unlike other zone capture systems, however, ATF utilizes flags that you advance to the opponents base to win the game! There are 3 modes in different combinations to choose from. Standard ATF allows you to redeploy the flag closer and closer to the enemy base. Micro ATF allows you to actually pick up the flag instead, and then ultimately deploy it near the opponents base.

To win:
The general win condition is accumulating tickets by moving the flags closer toward the opponents base, but you could also lose tickets by respawning. Alternatively, in Round Mode, all you have to do is deploy the flag in the opponents end zone ring, which surrounds the enemy base.

Next, and the most important fact, is that you can not move your flag passed the other opponents flag! When a flag is deployed it creates a front line across the battle field area, which in turn forces the opponent to destroy your flag by capturing it from 100% to 0%. The opposing team will then have go back to base and move their flag up again.

Player Kits:
A persistent kit system is available for all players to use; ATF calls it "The Armory". Any kit you grab from the armory GUI will stick to your client until you disconnect. The armory will prevent you from picking up other peoples weapons when at base, but as soon as you leave, you can pick up any weapon you want.

Special Abilities for Weapon Kits:
- Repairing
- Healing
- Building fortifications
- Seeing entire sides player markers instead of just your squad
- Many more to come!

- Extract the .pbo file to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder
- To use as a template (make your own), put mission folders in Documents\Arma3\Missions, and load into editor


This is a beta, be prepared from some potential bugs and performance abnormalities!

- Probably drone strike special abilities for a radio operator
- More security improvements and net performance improvements (i need to switch to direct public variables)

vBeta 0.9 (porting to A3 from A2)
  • Kit system GUI
  • Settings Menu GUI
  • Flag Beeping to warn that you are in area
  • Restricting flag carriers to battle area only
  • New vehicle respawn system geared towards performance
  • Improved security over Arma2 version (major updates)

  • Credits & thanks:
    -Written By Goschie
    -Some additional assistance from users hooves, spyder (known for SPY battle statistics) , and mahuja

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