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#1 Posted at 2015-02-07 21:15        
Hey everyone, so my problem is related to the DUWS mission for arma 3. I recently changed the units to CAF Agressors and looked at ways to manually place the enemy zones in the Takistan map. Once I manually placed zones, I didn't want DUWS to generate anymore than I already had so I set it to only generate 1 extra zone. So I had my 10 or so manually placed zones and a randomly generated one because zero was not an option. I Captured my first enemy zone, which happened to be a zone I manually placed when I receive the "Island Captured" message and it ends stating that I completed the mission. I was wondering how can I make the mission not end after only capturing one zone instead of waiting for me to capture all zones, and if setting the randomly generated zones to 1 had anything to do with this. Thank you.

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First of all, since you have a total of one post, i assume you're quite new to Armaholic.


Also note that you have posted in the wrong section, this is the section where you post completed Arma 3 single player missions, not where you ask about problems regarded to it.

Otherwise, try not making manual zones first, as an experienced modifier of DUWS, i know a lot about it

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