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The wait message at quieter times should show less, if even. I forgot to higher some settings :-)

Per 2015-12-09 we are tracking all downloads. Abusers will be blocked (you will soon see how if you are one of those), normal and fair users do not have to fear and will not notice a thing.

This is another step where we try to improve the serving of files through our servers. We are working on more ways to improve our service!


This topic is not to be used to report corrupted archives! For that use the report button on the downloadpages.

No need to report broken links, we get informed about that as it happens and it gets fixed.

Anyone experiencing any troubles with our downloads should post here. Just a few pointers before posting:
  • Make sure your session is valid, the page will refresh if the session is not valid. That is proper behaviour. Some firewalls block referers, in that case you will see an error page instead. Just use the "Go back" button in your browser window to return to the proper page. That should also validate a proper session

  • At busy times it is possible you get a database connection failed error message. I am still trying to improve things to prevent that from happening. But if it happens just wait a little and try again. Lines may be busy as there are hundreds of downloads served each minute!

  • Javascript is required to be able to download. Make sure you either enable it or allow our website.

  • In a previous version cookies were required for all users. I have removed that requirement now so you are no longer forced to use cookies. Members who login to get higher downloadspeeds do still need to accept cookies, but that has always been the case here.

  • Yes, there is a difference in downloadspeeds for guests and members.
  • Provided downloadspeeds at the moment will be logged and analysed and adjusted where needed.

  • Don't bother contacting me when your tool and/or application does no longer work with our servers to download files. I will not allow any tools to use our servers!

  • Reports being sent our way about not working links while the links do work are ignored. So if you report something but get no message back the issue with the link is on your side!

  • Most, if not all, download tools will not work (or not properly/fully) on our site. Just disable them while using our site or in most tools you can add urls where not to use the tool. Its a feature those tools dont work, not something which we need to "fix" (cause we never will).

  • When you use a proxy (service) to browse our website and download files do not bother to ask us why you can not download at times. We see no valid reason why a proxy needs to be used to download files from us and as such do not feel obligated to support you in case of download trouble.

When, after reading all of the above, you have any issues or questions feel free to post here.
I keep logs of every step so when you are experiencing issues with the downloads on our website I should be able to see what is happening with your requests to our files.

Browser extensions / User scripts:
Some browser extensions and/or userscripts may get in the way of your downloads. So if, for no apparant reason, the downloads are not working we suggest you to disable your extensions and see if that helps. You can than find which one is causing it.
So far we have heard the following extensions might block the downloads:
  • chrome data saver extension
      When you use this extension and experience issues with the downloads disable this extension as some people had problems with it.
  • Youtube HD
      Really, I can not think of any reason why this would block our downloads but I guess the extension does something weird and fishy.
  • proxy extension
      It is possible that if you use services which hide your real location get in the way of the downloads. We do not block proxies etc but the behaviour of such kind of extensions might be the cause of the downloads not working.
  • userscript "W.A.R. Links Checker Customized Premium Link" which a user had running with greasemonkey.
  • "Ghostery"
      As soon as a user disabled this extension his downloads began working flawlessly. It simply removes trackers from sites and nothing else. Tracking as in, your tastes, likes, sites you shop regularly, etc, etc.
  • Disable IDM for use with Armaholic:
      for those who have troubles downloading because of IDM
        1- open IDM
        2- go to downloads > options
        3- go to "File types" tab
        4- in the second box add
        5- press OK and you will notice it will no longer download from armaholic using IDM
      Also refer to this post

Page reloads when clicking the downloadlink:
When you are visitting the website and want to download a file but no matter what you do the page keeps reloading upon click (on the downloadlink try all of the following:
  1. Logout (if logged-in)
  2. close the site
  3. wait at least 20 minutes
  4. Open website (and login if you want to use our website while being logged in)

Check your mobile devices(!) to see if you still have a session running on your phone, pad, laptop etc and make sure you close all sessions.
We have seen that people who use a mobile device to browse the site but than use a PC to download get mixed sessions due to a mobile device keeping connected to the website.
Once you closed all your device sessions return to step one from the list above.

Known issue:
- none

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