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#1 Posted at 2015-03-26 07:31        
I am trying to run both of these and for some reason they can run by themselves with no problem. It is when I try to run both at the same time. I get one of them run but then the other one sets at waiting and does not load the mission file. I have them setup as different ports one is set as default 2302 and the other is set at 2310 also they are port forward because they both start up when they are running separately. I have two sets of identical Arma 2 files one on a c: (Island Life) and the other is on a d: (wastelands). I have Google this problem and all of the steps that I have taken should of made them work together but for some reason it keeps not allow the other one not to work. Please help I really would like to have both of these up and running. I have people that would like to play wastelands and some that would like to play island life. I just do not want to have to swap back and forth.