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1982 Afghanistan


Welcome to Afghanistan in 1982. A hellhole full of fascists fighting against their aggressor called the Soviet Union. This is a real old school type of gameplay. Everything is as authentic as it can be in ArmA 3. You´re back in the cold war! No laser sights, no super light mini-computer big binocular visors and the AKM also known as the AK-47. High calibres, poor body protection. Hard times to survive. This is for those of you who like it hard-core, pure and without mercy.

Be a part of a spetznas team which were sent to support the western area but stumbled into a setup of Al Quaida. 6 of them barely survived but, while trying to flee from the site their vehicle died on the way back to the base. Evac is already called, but this endless wave of fascistic muslims won´t wait to crush on you. They do not fear death, do you?

You managed to prepare and deploy a small Sandbag wall as well as a heavy MG. Air support is close by. But don´t think this will be easy, because the CIA equipped your enemy’s with useful tools to fight their invaders. Also make the best out of those 3 salvos you have from the BM-21, you will need to use this, do everything you can to survive!

  • Cold-War gunplay & vehicles
  • AK-47&AK74 in high quality
  • Call in huge artillery strikes when needed
  • Fully simulated battlefield with hand placed effects and objects
  • Individualized soldiers for more authenticity
  • Mod of the Year Winner RHS and it´s super premium content for free

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Optional mods:

    Steam Workshop:
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