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#1 Posted at 2015-05-28 14:30        
Hey guys,

im working on a random mission framework,i came up with the idea that the teamleader can "request and abort" missions.
I dont like the addaction style infinite mousescroll ...., so i decided to use the cba interaction.I cant find a proper tutorial for the cba flexi menu. After some try and error i made it for a lvl 1 menu.

I cant figure it out how to add a submenu, is here someone who worked with that before and could explain me how to?
Thx Phil

my code:
if( (typeOf player == "BWA3_TL_Tropen" ) OR (  _uid in _uidArrray  )  OR (_uid  == "_SP_PLAYER_") )then{
    ["player", [0x0F], -66, ["client\menu\menu.sqf", "main"]] call CBA_ui_fnc_add;

_menu = [
	["main", "DEV MENU", "popup"],
     ["Teleport",{[player] call fncLib_teleport;}] , 
     ["Neutral",{[player] call fncLib_captive;}],
     ["Neue Mission",{[] call zp_requestMissionServer;}],
     ["Clean City",{["clean_village"] call zp_requestMissionServer;}],
     ["Destroy Chaches",{["chaches"] call zp_requestMissionServer;}],
     ["Kill HVT",{["hvt"] call zp_requestMissionServer;}] 


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