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#1 Posted at 2015-06-15 12:07        
Dear all,
Please note that I've been trying to understand how can I make units from arma2 appear in arma3,
I knew multiple things bu I wanted to know clearly or someone to confirm some points so I can build up on:

can I have a step by step guide to use arma2 units (especially infantry) in arma3 without the game crashing,

how can I associate crew from arma2 to vehicles or planes imported from arma2 without the game crashing,

is there are any forum user who achieved a kind of sequence for the mods to be installed and to have units from RHS escalation per example working in arma3?!! or have some guaranteed combined mods to work together and can recommend them?

someone will say those are questions for a conventional thing, excuse me in advance but i didn't find a clear thread to step by step the thingy. what would be the way to see these units from arma2

fighting in arma3.

Best regards