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Hello, and welcome to my guide!

Whether you're a newcomer, an ArmA veteran, or just interested in the game, one thing has brought you here:
You want to become a better player.

Becoming proficiently skilled in ArmA is no easy task. Generally, the best way to do this is just experience. But I and my partner, Cody, are here to help you! We want to contribute and give back to the community we love, so we've started this guide. Cody makes video guides, and I write and schedule lessons for it. The guide will, over time, cover everything from marksmanship, to flight, to command. Enjoy!

Chapters for this guide will be released every other day, all factors depending. If you have anything to contribute to a lesson, or have a problem with it, PM me! I am not military, nor is Cody. Thus, we can't be expected to be "Experts" on the subject. If you served in the military and want to contribute, shoot me a PM. If you simply know more than I do on any given subject, shoot me a PM. We'll add your input to the lesson, and credit you.
1. Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" - Anyone reading this guide should read this beforehand. It's 60 pages, and worth it.

2. Dyslexci's "ttP2" - A very well-rounded guide that taught me some valuable information. I highly reccomend.

And so, to begin:

Chapter One: Becoming a Rifleman
Chapter Two: Basic Rifleman Skills

You may consider yourself an experienced shooter. You might even consider yourself an amazingly skilled gamer, totally up to the task of ArmA. But if you're coming from "Call of Duty", "Halo", or any other "arcade" shooter, stop yourself. Throw everything you know, learned, and used in those games out the window. They can not and will not help you here. You see, arcade shooters are like a childhood friend. They provided you with a lot of fun times with your buddies. They'll embrace you with open arms, and you can game for hours on end, because they're plain stupid fun. But ArmA is a bitch. Yes, she's a big bitch and she's gonna dominate you for the first 150 hours or so you play her. Proficiency in ArmA requires work. The maps are huge. The ballistics are advanced. It's incredibly easy to die. In general, ArmA is one of those frustrating, mildly unpleasant things that you really have to sit down and buckle down to play. You're gonna be glued to that screen for more than a few hours if you want to succeed. You may be asking yourself- "what's the point?" "Why do people play it so much?" "What makes it appealing?"- Well, how much it sucks actually makes the game better. People play it, because it requires skill. It has a depth that few games succeed to achieve, if any. It was built from the ground up off of a military simulator that the Army uses to train their men. So yeah, it's a bitch. But it's fun as hell and more realistic than any other game or simulation available to the general consumer.

Because ArmA is a military "simulation", it thus requires strategic thought and employment of real world tactics. This being said, doing things "Because the real military does it" won't guarantee your success. You need to apply these fundamental ideas within the limitations of the game.

We plan to teach you how to be proficient. So buckle in, and pay attention. This is a hard bitch to tackle.

Becoming a Rifleman

Every soldier is a rifleman first. You could be an SDM, a tank operator, a pilot, whatever. But none of that matters if you haven't mastered the role and duties of a rifleman. So, we're beginning this guide with the basics- The basic skills of an ArmA rifleman. Pay close attention, you will need this.

Role and Duties of a Rifleman
The rifleman forms the backbone of an infantry element. It is the most basic and versatile part of any given infantry unit. Every soldier is a rifleman before he is trained in his specific MOS. Thus, the rifleman should be capable of adapting to new situations quickly, and should be capable of learning to do whatever role they need to perform as. This means that every good soldier is a rifleman.

Your role as a rifleman, is to complete the mission assigned to your unit, carry out the orders of your leadership, and ensure the safety and security of your fellow soldier. Whether your playing wasteland with some buddies, or on a milsim operation, these are your basic responsibilities.

As a rifleman, you are accountable for every step you take, every round that leaves your barrel, and every word you say. Sun Tzu said that "War is a matter of life and death." This holds true for ArmA. Whatever you do on the battlefield has a cause and an effect. Thus, you are accountable for every action you perform. There is no pushing off your mistakes on others. If you fuck it up for your team, YOU are accountable. Understanding this is paramount to
achieving ArmA proficiency.

To summarize, every soldier is a rifleman first. Your role as a rifleman is to complete the mission, carry out the orders of your leadership, and ensure the safety of your fellow soldier. A rifleman is accountable for everything he does on the battlefield.

Basic Rifleman Skills

So, now you have a rough idea of what a rifleman is. But you aren't a rifleman. You haven't mastered the skills yet. That's alright. We're going to strip this down to the meat and potatoes, and teach you the basics of being a rifleman.

Understanding Movement in Arma
ArmA 3 has an advanced movement system, that allows for a lot of versatility and flexibility that other games simply can't provide. Generally, there are three speeds to movement- Walking, Jogging, and Sprinting. There are generally three stances- Standing, Crouching, and Prone. You enter the walk mode by pressing S + W together. You exit it by pressing this again. Jogging is the standard form of movement in ArmA. To sprint, hold shift. You can lower your weapon by double tapping Ctrl.(Note, advanced movement options only work if your weapon is raised.) Standing is the standard stance in ArmA. To crouch, press X. To go prone, press Z. Advanced movement is a little trickier. ArmA's advanced stances options allows for excellent use of cover and concealment, and is simple once you get the hang of it. For this demonstration, we're going to start in a standing position. Advanced movement options follow the controls Ctrl + WSAD. To enter a high standing stance, press Ctrl + W. Press Ctrl + S to return to a normal standing stance. To lean, press Q and E. To "Snap" out of cover, press Ctrl + A and D. To enter various crouching and prone positions, you use Ctrl + S.
Pressing C toggles "combat" mode.

To be an effective rifleman, you need to be a skilled shooter. Shooting skill requires practice and copious amounts of experience. When you fire, you want to achieve a stable stance. The most stable stance is prone, and, while more constricting, a bi-pod can further increase your stability. If grass obscures your view when prone, you can use ArmA 3's movement system to enter a seated position to fire. (ctrl+ WASD). Crouching is the next best thing, and standing the worst. Optimally, you want to catch your breath before firing. If your stamina is low, it will drastically increase the sway of your weapon. You want to account for distance via estimation. If you have a rangefinder, use it, if not, estimate how many meters you are from your target. We'll cover more on this later. Press page up and page down to zero your weapon for the distance you just figured, and account for the rest of the drop by aiming above the target. ArmA has an advanced ballistics system however, and you can't expect to hurl 5.56 at lethal speeds at a target 3 kilometers away. Generally, you should consider your maximum lethal distance for rifles to be 400 meters. If it exceeds by a significant margin, (50+ meters), don't waste your ammo.

There are three stances and three speeds in basic movement. Advanced movement in arma 3 allows for versatility.

Marksmanship can be broken down into FRES:
F- check your Fatigue
R- Range your target
E- Estimate the distance and zero to accomodate
S- obtain a stable Stance
400 meters should be considered your maximum lethal range with most rifles in ArmA 3.

We've provided a firing range you can use to practice your marksmanship skills. Practice marksmanship and advanced movement in the scenario.

You can download the scenario here:


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