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#1 Posted at 2015-07-07 15:32        
WIP Csat Reinforcement Project

HLC Replacemnet Pack


We must recognize the great work that has made BI Arma3 new weapons, vehicles, uniforms, accessories etc...
but the classic yet timeless; It is why I decided work on this project mainly to replace weapons (rifles in this case) the CSAT
by the excellent and magnificent HLC mod Weapons Pack to so far proven to be the best (in my view) both modeling, sound,
animations and textures.

The mod so far mainly replacement will be a package


- The main infantry units be equipped with AK74

-The specials units as urbans will equipped with AK12

-The automatic rifle with RPK

-The marksmen with G3 marksmen models

-some models such as divers and those of Marksmen DLC, will not change of conserving the special characteristics of these weapons

NOTE: I am very new to this field of the mod so dare not launch my project until we have everything clear as permits, repositories,
requirements etc... Appreciate all the help you can give me about has this information. Thanks

The mod will require: HLC AK Pack AND HLC G3
And optional up to now: CSAT and UKSF Replacement for ARMA3


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#2 Posted at 2015-07-08 13:13        
Looks good. Its clever that Iranian forces like CSAT have Ak weapons. so clever man! good work *THUMBS UP*