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Hi guys! well this is currently my first mission that is Work in progress. so here is the summary!

"it doesnt matter who you ask. Hawk. they will tell you the same. kavala is a dangerous place. everyday someone dies. rebels target that area and terrorize the poor civilians who try to make a living by selling gas at the gas station. drug deals are everywhere in kavala. be it either in a harmless factory. a abandoned barracks. and or the famous castle ruins of kavala." -Falcon

Play as Senior police sergeant.Sgt.Hawk. A man who sacrifices himself in order to save kavala.

The whole map is your mission! guranteed 4 to 6 hours play time.

Daring situations such as going sneaky-beaky like and or busting through with your very own SWAT hunter!

ingame hints! dont get lost! in every objective i have set up warning in case u get sniped if ur just walking!


Alpha: so far i have finished and tested the first task. Nicely done!

(things i plan to add)

Markers,Actual cool looking CSAT rebels. (atm they are soldiers XD),More and more and more missions. Decorations such as (roadblocks) (dead civs (RIP)) (broken cars) and more!

NOTE: this is ALPHA! some items are subject to change and or be removed.

Thanks for your time!

(PLS: if anyone can make a logo for the mission then i would be real happy! thanks)



Police mod by Demian2435:

TRYK multiplay uniforms mod:

Special thanks to!:

Red hammer studios for his amazing mod

Demian2435 for his Amazing police mod

Bohemia interactive for the best game ever.

armaholic for making all of us happy with mods :D

TRYK for his amazing gears!

thanks once again! :D

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