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MRA G.E.A.R. Factions (US Army, branches and others)


Hello everyone! I'm DrakeHawkins (AKA MrAzeroth (Steam), AKA LT. Drake Jackson on BIS forums)

I'm proud to present to you, the G.E.A.R. unofficial US army and branches unit pack! This pack will cover the unit part of all of KetsuCorp's G.E.A.R. releases.

Aside from the uniform/vests/helmets/etc. What weapons are this soldiers using?

-Currently the default ArmA 3 weapons, you will notice some soldiers are using different configurations of ArmA 3 weapons, that's because my MRA_CW.pbo file contains them, and now some soldier classes will have a different weapons or different accessories attached, for example: The autorifleman will have the MX SW with bipod and ACO sight, and the marksman will have the MXM with bipod and MOS scope.
-And before you ask: I haven't decided if I should combine this pack with other weapon packs since:
1) I haven't found a pack that fits all the units.
2) Too many downloads may be a bore.

Do they have the ArmA 3 vehicles?

-Yes! Can't miss that, but not all branches will have the same vehicles, such as the assault boat (Specially for marines and ST6 in AOR, those 2 will have it) or the A-164 wipeout (USAF in ABU will have it), that is to add more realism to it.

Did you add ArmA 3's groups?

Yes! For the sake of sanity, I've added the groups and now all my units will feature groups.

How about some screens?

Sure! Why not? Let me upload a few for you, I'll put them under link format because they need rezising and are over a 100kb, and if I remember well, forum rules say those are a no-no for those images.
PS: If anyone can/wants to take scenic screens of these units (With ArmA 3 weapons) I would be glad to post them here so they look better (With your propper credit and thanks for your collaboration on the proyect)

US army (OCP):

USMC (Woodland):

USMC (Desert):

USMC (Winter):


Now as a base, all my releases for G.E.A.R. related addons will require this:

G.E.A.R. Core:
Armaholic link

G.E.A.R. US:
Armaholic link

Armaholic link

And the corresponding uniforms will require this:

G.E.A.R. OCP (For US army in OCP camo):
Armaholic link

G.E.A.R. MARPAT (For USMC units):
Armaholic link

Recommended but not necessary:
Marksmen DLC
Helicopters DLC


File hosters:

US Army (OCP) link
Mediafire link
PlayWithSix link link

USMC MARPAT (Desert, Woodland and Winter) link
Mediafire link
PlayWithSix link link

Future plans:

-Groups (Done!)
-Random goggles, I want them to use just a couple of A3 face wear and most of the goggles that KetsuCorp made.
-Add Spec ops.
-Mod icon (Help on this would be greatly appreaciated).
-Port all G.E.A.R. releases.
-Ketsucorp PMC (Using generic equipment).


-USMC (Winter) backpacks will have the woodland icon, forgot to fix this one and wanted a release with groups already, I'll try get that fixed for v1.0.

-None other that I know of, if you find something like a wrong uniform/backpack/missing unit, please report it!

Change log:

-Open Beta.
-Added: Bikey and bisign to my addons.
-Added: Groups.
-Added: Woodland MARPAT marines.
-Added: Winter MARPAT marines.
-Added: Custom weapon configurations in a separate addon.
-Optimized: OCP configuration to a better standard, classnames remain unchanged!

-Open Beta.
-Added: Missing flag (Thanks to EvroMalarkey from the CUP team for the flag!).
-Added: Custom MX SW loadout (Now with sand bipod and ACO sight).
-Added: Custom MXM loadout (Uses MOS sight and sand bipod).
-Added: Autorifleman and regular marksman now have more optimized weapons.
-Optimized: Reconfigured infantry dependencies (Unit class names remain unchanged!).
-Optimized: General code optimization and minor changes.
-Fixed: Several new issues with backpacks.

-Open Beta.
-Added: Vehicles with their corresponding crew.
-Added: Marksmen/Helicopters DLC support.
-Fixed: several issues with missing backpacks.
-Fixed: Helicopters where having the jet pilot as crew.
-Removed: Jet pilot since I considered not to add the CAS plane.

-Closed Alpha for approval of Ketsukorp, not released for the public.


-Really big big big Kudos to Ketsucorp, without them, this would have never, ever, happened, at least from my side, I just packed units,
the whole texturing and hardwork here was done by them, they deserve all the credit.
-Pappy Boyington, a Die-Hard OFP user-content creator, he released an old perl "How-To" on how stuff was packed in OFP and thanks to that
I've learnt how to mess with config.cpp's.
-M1lkm8n for the support with some config issues, and responding over skype, thanks!
-Mikero for the wonderful Eliteness tool.
-EvroMalarkey from the CUP team for the flags.
-BIS community wiki.
-BIS for the great game, I've been following the series since OFP.
-kecharles28, thank you and withSIX team for providing a mirror!
-Foxhound, thank you for providing a mirror in armaholic! It's my favourite website to get addons since ArmA 1 times.
-If I'm missing someone, I apologize! Please mention it here or by PM and I'll add you inmideately since everyone that helps me with stuff (Configs, screenshots, provide content, or hosting) is someone I owe my grattitude.

Do you want to help?!

If you want to help, that would be great! I'll make sure to add you on the credits and thank you for your contributtion! :) Currently I'm needing help with the following:
-Hosting: If you are a person who owns a website for ArmA series addons, or you have a known host of your clan, and you want to host my addon, that would be neat!
I need black versions of the following:
-ArmA 3's 5.56 silencer.
-ArmA 3's MK-18 holographic sight.

And desert versions of the following (Plain desert tan or something that combines with the tan of the MX's should do):
-MX silencer.
-RCO sight.
-Laser Pointer.
-Mod icon design in .paa, anything with the MRA letters should do good, I'm open to suggestions.


-DON'T try to make money from this pack or its requirements in ANY possible way.
-Textures belong to Ketsucorp.
-If you want to release a different version of this addon, you HAVE to contact Ketsucorp and ask them if you can use their addons.
Also I ask to contact me for permission, and please to put my name in the credits if you do, after all, you got the idea from my pack if you do :)
-I don't make myself responsible if this addon gives errors/Problems to your ArmA 3 installation, your computer, etc. ANYTHING.
If you use it, it's your problem if it gives you trouble. Not me, not BIS, not ANYONE, this is user-generated content, provided "as is".
-No guarantee of ANYTHING, use at your own discretion/risk.
-Share freely, but please, credit the author and it's collaborators (Specially Ketsucorp). :)
-Also this follows the BIS EULA and regulations for addons and user-created content.

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#2 Posted at 2015-08-09 15:58        
Thanks for posting the release here on our forums :-)
News is up on the frontpage and you can find our mirror here: