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#1 Posted at 2015-09-21 18:59        
Hi everyone

I've searched for something related to my issue but I couldn't get any results. When installing the ACR DLC I'm getting following error message

[quote=Failed to load file "C:\Programm files\Bohemia interactive\ArmA2\ACR\addons\air_acr.pbo!- decription of headers failed][/quote]
I believe that my ACR air pbo is corrupt.
Every time I launch Vanilla ArmA CO the message pops up. I must admit that I'm running ArmA CO 1.62 version. Which was the last official non Steam patch available. I'm forced to stick with that version as I'm a non Steam user.

Is there any chance that somebody can explain to me what that "decription of headers failed" means. I apologize for my ignorance on that matter in question but I'm not very much into modding.
Any help is really appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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