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#1 Posted at 2015-12-05 01:20        
Hi there, my first post here and apologies if this has been covered/solved previously, but, I had a search and couldn't seem to find a topic on it. So here goes.

I'm currently an Admin on a small Exile PvE server and for the last few months now we've been stumbling into groups of completely invincible Ai. Worse still is that they seem to be increasing in frequency. What started as an almost funny one time thing is quickly turning into a server breaking mess.

I don't deal with the server directly, just an admin, but I figured this problem has gone on far too long and I thought I'd ask this community of fine men and women for some help (as it appears those above me are too stubborn too :D)

I'll tell you all I can, and, apologies if this makes little to no sense.

Currently we're running an Exile PvE server with no mods. We had/have roaming Ai in all manner of vehicles and had/have two different sets of mission types. One group of missions are random spawning and features stuff like "KITT Rescue", "Car Dealer Robbery", "Walmart Riot" etc. and the other missions are invasion style missions, with groups of Ai and a .50 cal in a town or city. We just recently added a new set of roaming Ai that feature little groups, usually of 3 troops, with specialist soldiers that appear with different Ai markers on the map (such as an arrow, asterix, spanner etc.)

The missions seem to be free of any issues. The roaming Ai, both the previous group that were standard soldiers, many in vehicles, and the current Ai featuring the specialist units have been plagued with invincible NPC's.

Some more details.

Often a vehicle will be completely god moded and it's occupants likewise, even if they get out of the vehicle. I've noticed however, sometimes waiting a while (the luxury of having god mode myself) the Ai can be killed...but...often that is not the case. Usually, deleting the vehicle will allow the Ai inside to be killed (as well as any previously god moded Ai that had already left the vehicle) but not always...Sometimes they remain equally impervious to death. Other times, a vehicle isn't involved at all and the Ai are simply on foot and invulnerable.

I've noted some behaviors that I've only witnessed these terminator like Ai do that may be of some use. A lot of the time, the unkillable Ai won't shoot at you at all and often have their guns down (especially those in the cars).....Waiting around for awhile will sometimes see them suddenly raise their guns and shoot at you out of nowhere at which point you can them kill them and the vehicle. Another unusual trait they seem to posses is a weird motion. They have a tendency to walk slow and move the gun rapidly from left to right which is odd to say the least.

Any ideas and help on the issue would be fantastic and you'd really be helping us out :D


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#2 Posted at 2015-12-05 04:00        
Do you get big report files (.rpt) in user/appData/local/ arma3 folder?
If you have heavy mod + heavy scripts + big elapsed time server, you could have plenty of waiting scripts even for basic actions. Try to restart after lighten your scenario and watch for rpt files.



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#3 Posted at 2015-12-05 09:17        
# The_Unknown4evr : Currently we're running an Exile PvE server with no mods.

Funny how you think exile is not a mod.
Topic moved to correct section, try to post in the correct area.

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