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Hello forum,

First of all if this thread is in the wrong place, I apologize, mods, please move this thread to the corresponding place and let me know which this belongs to so I can avoid this error in the future :)

The problem:
As of ArmA 3 update 1.54, I cannot use the Support Provider: Artillery and Support Provider: Helicopter transport modules anymore, each module will start, it will sound the radio confirmation that "that support" is now available, but when I do 0-8-1 (As in Arty or Helo to choose) it will close the menu, and I've waited for like a 1 complete minute and it won't show up the asset on the radio menu... If you couldn't understand: Press: 0 / Supports / Helicopter transport / (And here it should pop up the name of the unit assigned... But it won't, dialog will just fade away)

I followed the linking procedure explained in the editor : Unit / Support Requester / Support provider: Helicopter transport / (Vehicle, tested all helicopters on the BLUFOR side), everything linked through the link option (Deep blue line in case somebody doubts I've chosen the correct linking tool, not groups option just in case).
I've done this with various helicopters and the same thing for the artillery, both on BLUFOR side.

Needless to say that I've tried this in vanilla placing a soldier on map, a support requester module, a support provider module (Non virtual), and a vehicle corresponding to that module, then linking them in that order.

If someone sees this, please try it yourself and post your result/idea here, I wanna know if my copy of ArmA 3 is going wrong or there's actually a bug to report here...


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Confirmed. Support modules are broken. See feedback tracker:

From BI : add name to the playable unit in the editor.

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