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#1 Posted at 2016-01-03 16:06        
Hi armaholic community,
sorry for my bad english, i have some trouble with spelling/grammar.

Well, i have a dream.

My dream is to optimize/upgrade/improve the AI of UAV (STOMPER, GREYHAWK, AND ALL INCOMMING AI DRONES),
and for that, i would like to improve the arma 3 basics commands, there's a pic right here :

So example :
I want my UAV, to go at 1000 meters, to have a clear view of the battlefield, but with arma 3, i can't.
so with my idea of addons, i could.

But how ?? what do you wanna add to your "graal" addon"s" ???

A ingame manual altitude (decided by the player) where the player can choose himself the altitude instantly/within any bugs.

A preset choose, like another menu, under altitude, where you can add a multiple choose of options.

Example :
Im want my UAV to move.
At 750 meters.
Within targeting/destroying any units.

So i add this conf to my preset 1. and "automaticely", my UAV do what the preset contains.

A config, to add your UAV, to your group. this is not for CAS UAV, because that break all the sense of a UAV operator. with this choice, you can say to your UAV, in field, within opening your UAV terminal, which target have to destroy your UAV.

So, i hope there some guys interested to help me, and have some idea to perform this project.

ANY help is welcome (beginning devellopping addons, forums, idea, tutoriels,...)

that's a beggining of an idea, some things gonna be totally false.

Ty to had read all of this topic, and happy new year.


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