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#1 Posted at 2007-02-17 03:14        
Below you can read what has been fixed in arma since version 1.04. This info is directly copied from the arma wiki.

Summary Version 1.04
5101 - Fixed: Plane mouse control do not affect cyclic while looking around
5101 - Fixed: "life" cheat (immortality) disabled in Retail versions
5101 - Fixed: Boats were able to drive on shore quite fast.
5101 - Fixed: Boats were able to sink into the terrain once destroyed.
5101 - Fixed: (Car) Camera height angle is reset going from external to internal view or vice versa
5101 - Fixed: AI pathfinding improved (unexpected leaving of roads will happen less frequently)
5101 - New: Config switch to disable "Voice over Net" on dedicated servers (disableVoN=0;)
5101 - Fixed: Car-ground collision response improved.
5101 - Fixed: Cars simulation - better speed stability when low speed wanted
5101 - Fixed: Wake up object physics after setVector/setVectorUp.
5101 - Fixed: Injured soldier is forced to prone only when he wants to move (done to fix RPG *soldier ability to run even when injured)
5101 - New: Headlights are now not switched when player leaves the vehicle.
5101 - Fixed: Command line options -world, -noland and -netlog enabled.
5101 - Fixed: Boat can now be controlled with keyboard while looking around using a mouse.
5101 - Fixed: Peeking through walls using leaning is no longer possible.
5104 - New: Grass flattened around soldiers, improving visibility.
5104 - Added: Support for languages switching
5104 - Fixed: UI - combo in control group did not handle mouse events well
5104 - Fixed: UI - listbox scrollbars did not handle well thumb position for mouse events
5104 - Fixed: UI fade animations (ctrlSetFade) did not work for controls in control groups
5105 - Fixed: Briefing picture lighting was incorrect.
5106 - Fixed: Mount command (from the commanding menu) now works even for units already in the target vehicle (but on the different position)
5106 - Fixed: Missions in addons - wrong mission name was sometimes shown
5106 - Fixed: Filtering was not working properly when using pushbuffers (square artefact on ground were visible under certain conditions)
5108 - Fixed: Player hosting game was not able to hear voice over net
5110 - Fixed: Dedicated server can use missions in addons now
5110 - Fixed: Voice recording did not work with some sound-cards/drivers.
5111 - Added: On-screen icons indicating bad connection quality or desync in MP
5111 - Improved: Multiplayer screens layout
5111 - Fixed: preloadCamera and preloadObject always return true on dedicated server.
5111 - Fixed: Dedicated server crash on preloadCamera (causing CTI crash in the demo).
5111 - Fixed: Tanks could fall through narrow gaps in some models.
5111 - Fixed: Command line option -netlog was still not enabled in 1.02 - fixed now.
5111 - Fixed: Targets are made known to AI once message about them is transmitted over radio. This prevents situations where AI gunner silently rejected a command because not knowing the target.
5111 - Fixed: Random DS crashes
5111 - Fixed: DS - Mission voting results show correctly localized mission name for missions in addons
5111 - Fixed: Failure opening custom files (face, squad logo) might be causing server termination.
5112 - Fixed: DS crash (for group with no waypoints) @param forced set when a suitable position (support, base) was found
5112 - New: Push to Talk actions for voice over net
5112 - Fixed: Keys 0,..,9 and F1,..,F12 are reserved even when combined with Ctrl key
5112 - Fixed: Crash caused by target handling change in 5111.
5114 - Added: functions createMarkerLocal, deleteMarkerLocal, setMarkerTextLocal, setMarkerShapeLocal, setMarkerBrushLocal, setMarkerDirLocal
5114 - Added: functions setMarkerPosLocal, setMarkerTypeLocal, setMarkerSizeLocal, setMarkerColorLocal
5114 - Added: functions markerDir, markerText
5114 - Fixed: setWPPos and setWaypointPosition now modifies waypoint position on all computers in MP
5115 - Fixed: Random crashes during reporting of targets (since 5111)
5115 - Fixed: MP session list - better sorting by the host name or the mission name
5115 - Fixed: DS crash after player disconnected and action command active for him
5115 - New: button "Play again" added to the mission interrupt dialog
5115 - Fixed: UI - Enter no longer generate OK event when OK button not present
5115 - Fixed: MP - fire effects sometimes did not transferred (especially for JIP players)
5115 - Optimized: Somewhat reduced frame rate hit caused by bushes and trees on Normal, Low and Very Low shading detail settings.
5115 - Fixed: MP - show progress during mission transfer
5115 - New: Terrain Detail now controls grass detail as well (can be used to turn off the grass)
5115 - Fixed: Reduced object LOD switching.
5115 - Fixed: Soldier movement stopped when firing in burst or auto mode or with an empty magazine.
5115 - New: MP - better progress indication during mission launching
5115 - Fixed: Terrain detail settings not working properly - could introduce holes on lower settings.
5115 - Fixed: Scene preloading could take long or never end with Shading detail Low or Very low
5117 - Fixed: Helicopters now explode when landing upside down.
5117 - Fixed: Helicopters now get destroyed very fast when attempting to dive into the water.
5117 - Fixed: Small objects (e.g. firing range targets) not visible with Object Detail = Low or Very Low.
5117 - Fixed: Cars (esp. small ones) were able to for a water too deep.
5117 - Fixed: scripting command setUnitPos did not work
5117 - Added: function setUnitPosWeak
5117 - Fixed: The game did not process mouse input when running in fullscreen on the secondary monitor
5117 - Fixed: Player could sometimes get stuck after falling onto some object or vehicle.
5117 - Fixed: Vehicle side was assumed incorrectly when player switched into a crew position from cargo.
5117 - Fixed: Burst simulation in MP (Blackhawk M134 fired even when key released)
5117 - Fixed: AI soldiers sometimes went through handrail of bridge
5117 - New: GetOut mapped to user action
5117 - New: LandGear and Flaps mapped to user actions (Default mapping is LandGear to RCtrl+G, FlapsDown to RCtrl+K, FlapsUp to RCtrl+L)
5117 - Fixed: LOD transition is now dependent on time only and therefore is very smooth
5117 - Fixed: Grenade throwing direction indication more intuitive
5117 - New: Toggle and hold actions for Compass, Watch and GPS minimap (default is now hold, not toggle)
5117 - New: In-game GPS minimap
5117 - Fixed: AI does not forget about an enemy when seeing him boarding a vehicle.
5117 - New: Extended AI fleeing - given more freedom in flee point selection.
5117 - Fixed: AI did not properly considered enemy vehicles with turret mounted weapons in its threat maps, sometimes resulting to careless behaviour.
5117 - Changed: Command Fire in vehicles works also when commanding mode is not active
5117 - Fixed: When the command menu is up, many keys/functions do not work.
5117 - Fixed: Mouse button triple click was misinterpreted as 2x double click
5117 -Changed: Right Ctrl used for key combination instead of left one. (Right Ctrl no longer mapped to any actions.)
5117 - Improved: AI now retreats when under threat and having no weapons to engage any enemy targets.
5117 - Fixed: Argument -noland is now ignored when not running as Buldozer.
Note: we want WinMain to be protected by Fade this is impossible when there are any DLL functions referenced all references to Win32 calls must be moved outside Note: this function is not exited via standard means, and local variable destructors on the function scope will not be called. Be careful when placing local variables.

5117 - Fixed: units picked up while swimming and dropped on land still swim
5117 - Fixed: swimming AI were unable to get in
5117 - New: new config option alwaysTarget forcing training targets to be lockable
5118 - Fixed: MP - after Cancel in the Briefing screen, MP session was not fully destroyed
5118 - New: Eject mapped to user action
5118 - Fixed: Crash after changing Creative XFi mode from Gaming to Entertainment or after disabling full acceleration.
5119 - Fixed: Some international characters was clipped in the chat log
5120 - New: parameter persistent in the server config to allow the mission to continue even when no players are connected
5120 - Fixed: No entry reported in server browser when server was using custom world.
5120 - Fixed: Locking target by RMB in tank does not activate optics action
5120 - Fixed: Seagull wings sometimes not animated.
5120 - Fixed: Commander can use Tab to issue target orders when sitting in the weapon station as long as his own weapons are not lockable.

    AH1Z fixed glass sorting
    Mi17MG gunnerview
    GBU*.p3d and AV8B.p3d
    MH6* fixed gaudes sorting
    Improved Hit-Points of small rotor for AH1Z.p3d, ah6_lb.p3d, ah6_lb_sp.p3d, mh6_lb.p3d, mh6_lb_sp.p3d.

    modified speed of sprint with lowered rifle - FL and FR was 10% faster than F direction
    added specific cutscene moves for cts 7 and 10 - to improve look of these cutscenes as there were no specific moves recorded for these originally, only generic moves were used. Also related to - cutscene mission definitions update.
    modified transition launcher kneel raised to prone unarmed: used specifically recorded MC data; this move allows a player to faster go prone.
    Rifle does not move when pistol or launcher are reloading now
    Small adjustments for instand grenade throw when running
    transition prone ritle raised still to erected rifle lowered sprint redone to improve the look and remove problematic shake in the move
    Enabling grass flattening for some transition/reload animations

    modified geometry
    fixed geometry under stairs
    removed roadway
    modified roadways to pass over small obstacle walls (lavicka_1, lavicka_2, lavicka_3, lavicka_4, podesta_1_cornL, podesta_1_cornR, podesta_1_mid, podesta_1_mid_cornL, podesta_1_mid_cornP)
    stuck on roofs (dum_istan2, dum_istan2_01, dum_istan2_02, dum_istan2_03, dum_istan2_03a, dum_istan2b, dum_istan3, dum_istan3_hromada2, dum_istan3_pumpa, dum_olez_istan1, dum_olez_istan2, dum_olez_istan2_maly)
    added fences (podesta_1_stairs, podesta_1_stairs2, podesta_1_stairs3)
    buildings\misc\nastenka2, buildings\misc\nastenka3 - reposition
    garaz_bez_tanku.p3d, garaz_s_tankem, ammostore_2

    vlajka.paa (added missing texture)

    SoldierGCommando respawn magazines fixed
    new face53 added
    SoldierWSaboteurRecon binocular removed

    modified ladder in/out points (water_tank, water_tank2)
    modified armored target destruction (drevtank.p3d, model.cfg, targets.hpp) added new model drevtank_ruin
    modified roadways (zidka_klek, zidka_stani)

    modified geometries (str_liskac, krovi_bigest, ker_deravej, krovi2, krovi3, krovi4, krovi)

    extended roadways (Kamenny_most30.p3d, Kamenny_most30v2.p3d, most_bez_lamp.p3d, most_stred30.p3d) to prevent droping of tanks

    Changed terrain around building at Eh61
    Adjusted stairs model
    Updated podesta models, checked for inconsistencies
    Podesta models aligned where possible
    Adjusted position of ca\buildings\vez.p3d in the base S of Bagango
    Repacked with new nastenka2.p3d and nastenka3.p3d

    modified hitpoints (T72, M1A1) to make damaging more realistic when hit from several angles and weekspots
    modified gunnerview (T72, M1A1, M113)to make view more simillar to real position of optics
    BMP-2 recieved an own AT-5 launcher
    Enabled "Radar" for tankcommanders

    fixed drivewheel rotation direction
    RHIB.p3d, RHIB_Gunboat.p3d instruments repair + improved hitpoints to disable engines easier

    Modified the M16
    modified m16_granatomet_proxy.p3d
    modified m16_proxy.p3d
    modified m16_CO.tga
    modified m16_ironsights_SMDI.tga
    modified m16_NOHQ.tga
    modified m16_SMDI.tga
    M1A1 and T72 ammos overworked
    M1A1 gun range reduced
    Grenades can be thrown now without delay
    Grenade throwing direction indication more intuitive
    m240.p3d news
    ak_74_granatomet, ak_74
    M2_mg aligning gunnerview for more precision aiming
    M9_beretta, M9_beretta_SD, Makarov, Makarov_Silenced - gunnerview offset
    AT5LauncherSingle for BMP-2
    Added longrange sniper rifles from weapons3 into the weaponcrates
    DSkhM_mg fixed get in direction + Icon texture fixed gun orientation

    changed cargo position of crew (Ural, Ural_open, Ural_civil1, Ural_civil2)
    Stryker*.p3d - changed named selections in all Stryker models (wheels in Geometry LOD to *_damper because of colision on bridge

Now this is what I call community support :)
:thumbs at BIS

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#2 Posted at 2007-02-17 04:21        
damn.... thats alot fixed....
awesome....its just going to get better and better


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#3 Posted at 2007-02-17 04:23        
and whats the size of that file lol

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#4 Posted at 2007-02-17 04:58        
Well, 1.04 is the 505 version so I guess it would be 4 gig :)

All versions will be patched up to 1.05 by the end of this month (approximatly, no official eta).
So we will get a 1.05 patch!