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#1 Posted at 2016-02-13 16:40        
Sorry i have no idea where to post this one...
I got this @Ryanzombies mod, and was making a survival mision whit it.
First off props to him for making the mods, it is a masterpiece.
But i've searched my ass of but didn't find the class names.
Now do i know you can retrieve AI class names by for example using :
hint format ["%1",typeOf this]
Although are there around 20 / 30 zombies per genre (slow/fast/etc etc...)
Then you got the zeds from FAA and OPFOR, so yes that will take some time to get them all.
Maybe someone knows a faster way of retrieving the classnames?
Or someone knows where i can find them?


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#2 Posted at 2017-06-12 22:19        
You need to get in the editor . Put a Unit and add in the init of this unit :

grpclasses = []; {hint format["%1",(typeOf  _x)]; grpclasses = grpclasses + [(typeOf _x)]; sleep 1} foreach units group this; copyToClipboard format["%1",grpclasses];

Then sync this unit, with the units that you want to know their classnames .
Enter in the single player mode and automatically it will copy their classnames .

I have indude the Ryanzombies classnames in my mission :

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