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#1 Posted at 2016-02-18 01:41        
So I have this idea , where players playing on the civilian faction ( the main focus of the mission ) , and there would be a clinic or a way for these players to purchase "upgrades" to themselves.

Ideas like, - UPgrade Eye Replacement, allowing for user to "see" in normal vision, or in thermal , or infared.
- UPgrade Speed : possibly making the character 30% faster on foot
- Upgrade ArmorSkin : Possibility to reduce damage from melee and anythng less than anti-material rifle bullets.
- UPgrade Super Jump : Grants ability if running, a character can Jump/Vault 15 meters in direction, and up to 10 meters in height.
- Upgrade Resist Shock : Grants character 95% immunity to shock tasers.

Can these "upgrades" or enhancements be done, and ran by script? If so, how would I start going about it?
Would someone point me in the right direction? ( please don't repost links to BIS scripting tutorials , I've been there, nothing I have looked at helps get me started on HOW to pull this off. )

I have other ideas for "enhancements" , perhaps an enhancement that renders the character invis to thermal or IR cameras/vision.
Or Enhancements that allow for a small timed "invisible" cloaking like effect, ( much like Predators ) , but can still be seen by thermal or infared imaging.

These ideas I have, are based on my idea for a entirely new mod/game mode for Arma2 OA ... as I am not a DayZ fan, and no one seems to want to play any vanilla arma2 anymore.
So I am being creative with the editor ( or trying to ) , and making something I think people will play.

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#2 Posted at 2016-02-18 02:07        
By script? no!
By mod, it's a long way. You need to modify all units you want with extra power. In other words, another Arma.
Just begin with taser...
The "shortest" way is to suggest your ideas to... BI.



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#3 Posted at 2016-02-18 05:32        
You'd have to basically create your own mod and write a few scripts to go with it. And even then It'd be a shit tonne of work before you got it working how you want. Thats even if you got to the final point, but even then some of these seem borderline impossible

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#4 Posted at 2016-02-18 11:07        
Some of these ideas are possible, you'll have to look into character animations, and probably other Man related configs. Being on Arma 2 I don't think most people can help you though.
  • UPgrade Eye Replacement - No idea.
  • UPgrade Speed - You'd have to change the animation speed, and the speed values of a "Man". Which requires you to make an addon.
  • Upgrade ArmorSkin - Again, modifying the "Man" class with an addon.
  • UPgrade Super Jump - Could be done with scripting. Look at setVelocity. You'd still need a fitting animation.
  • Upgrade Resist Shock - Depends on what this taser is, but definitely possible. You should look into event handlers.

Sometimes I like to think as I started the whole "earplugs" thing.

W0lle: The only advice I can give you is: Do not try to understand BI. You will not succeed and it only makes your brain go boom. I would even go so far and say that not even they understand their own actions :-D.

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#5 Posted at 2016-02-18 15:40        
# Pierre MGI : The "shortest" way is to suggest your ideas to... BI.


Aye, best idea ever. :-D