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#1 Posted at 2016-03-19 22:46        

I have some problems with my support modules. Basicly in my mission I want various support modules which become avaible after player do a certain thing, in this case capture a sector. Players from start have avaible Helicopter Transport and it works fine. Every support provider is Virual and everything is getting synchronized to one support requester. My problem is that after a player captures a sector, trigger synchronizes support provider to support requester but I can't see new support being avaible. It become avaible after I call any other avaible support, in this case Helicopter Transport, after that I get message that new support is on stand by. Same problem is when a player loses sector, he also loses support again. Here trigger removes synchronization between provider and requester but, module still shows up as avaible and I can call for support, but only once. After calling, it vanishes from avaible supports. Is there any way to refresh avaible supports right away after modules become synchronized or when synchronization is removed?