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#1 Posted at 2016-05-29 00:59        
Good evening,

can anyone explain how to use the column(air density and temperature correction) in the mk6 mortar table with ACE3 enabled(Wind deflection). There is no documentation out there. The unit is in [m] for "meter" i believe, what does this means?


At least now you made an attempt to post in the proper section. Sadly but obviously ACE3 is for Arma 3, so why you posted in the Arma 2: arrowhead section I will not be able to understand.
Topic moved.

Added 14 hours 40 minutes later:

Ok here is one image of the mortar table
PCT stands for percentage, so for every percentage the value in the cloumn of air density should be applied. 100% should be 1113,25 hPA.

I dont know why they include temperature extra? As i know the air density includes the temperature. Or they mean another effect of the temperature?

Even in far distances, the range wind correction has no big importance. Will this value be applied directly to the calculated distance in meter? In the table there is written the unit [m] for meter i believe. So this should be influence the distance in meter and not the elevation in Mils?

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