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#1 Posted at 2016-06-18 12:07        
I have an idea for a scenario mod for Arma 3, however I am an amateur when it comes to scripting, so I am asking if there is anyone who might want to team up with me and help with making this scenario.

This is my idea (constructive criticism welcome, but no bashing please):

Gameplay > This scenario is aimed at making the gameplay of Arma 3 more arcade style. You start the mission with a basic weapon. You will have an objective to go kill a certain NPC. Once he has been killed you will gain XP (the in game currency) and you will be given another target to kill and so on. XP can then be used to buy guns, ammo, first aid kits etc from a shop. Apart from your target there will also be other AI (respawning) on the map in certain areas who are hostile. Killing them will also earn a little XP.

As I have said this scenario is intended to be an arcade style mission. There is no ending to the mission, you go on killing AI until you get killed.

Now, just to make things clear, I have been playing Arma 2/3 for a while and I love playing tactically, but I think it would be fun to have a game mode where you can play a bit casually. I also plan to add some funny touches to the scenario to keep it entertaining, but more about that in the Game Systems section below.

Game Systems >
> AI have very short detection ranges. It should be very easy for you to sneak up on them without them noticing.
> AI are also very weak and can be taken down with only a couple of shots from even a small handgun.
> AI have very bad aim
> Player aim is always steady
> Reduced recoil on certain guns (guns won't move upward as they are being shot)
> First aid kits heal your player fully, not only partly (I have used this script in the editor before).
> There is an in game currency system called XP.
> There is a shop where you can buy guns, ammo etc.
> Adding in some funny sound effects/dialog to AI to keep the mission entertaining (I already have sound files).
> Adding in a body/dropped object cleanup script.

The idea is to create a scenario that is fun and entertaining rather than strictly realistic. I got the idea for this mod from playing games like 'Boiling Point' and 'Far Cry' in the early 2000s as these games were a bit realistic but also a lot of fun.

Anyone interested in teaming up? :)
Leave your comments below . . .