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#1 Posted at 2016-06-25 20:23        
Hey guys,

so I tried around with different respawn types today.

So I've been using this so far
[] spawn {
while{not isnull Player1} do {"respawn_west_1" setmarkerpos getpos Player1; sleep 0.5;};

But that didn't fit right. It did the basic Squad Respawn and be able to respawn at base thing but not the way I wanted.
So I tried the Respawn Module.
I synced to the Player and it worked in the beginning! You can't respawn on yourself and you can't respawn when your mates were dead, just the way I wanted it.
But after a couple of respawns I couldn't respawn on my mates respawn position anymore, it keept saying that he's dead.
Sort of like the Respawn Module didn't check or more likely stoped checking after a while.
I was wondering if anyone got a solution or easy and good to use alternative way.