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I am extremely excited to contribute this scenario to the Workshop. Unlike most of my previous projects, I began the Great Escape with a very clear vision of what I wanted, and how to accomplish it, and I would like to thank TheBonBon for his words of encouragement and inspiration.

It is not finished. It is fully playable, with 4 possible endings, randomized content, side-objectives, unpredictable enemies and (hopefully) exciting fights. It is mostly pistol v pistol, which forces players to either get close to the enemy or take careful aim, and even what longarms are available come without optics or much ammunition.

Tanoa PD will chase you with helicopters, trucks, and infantry. But what is more terrifying is the other gang you ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off...


Tanoa: The Great Escape.

As a stand-alone sequel to another scenario, 4 Syndikat members wounded and armed only with PD7s have to escape a cluster♥♥♥♥ of Tanoa PD officers attempting to arrest or kill them (but mostly kill them).

They have 3 methods of escape (by plane, helicopter, or boat).

The air-based escape methods require basic flying skills, with the helicopter being slightly more difficult only because the airplane has a landing auto pilot. The boat is the easiest to operate but the hardest to access.

The scenario is sprinkled with multiple, hidden, optional objectives like finding weapon caches or rescuing other Syndikats from TPD custody. If someone wished to see all four endings, the scenario could easily provide over an hour of entertainment with randomized patrols.

The scenario starts with the 4 Syndikats scattered around the Saint-George airfield and surrounded. Because of this, it is recommended that you go prone at the start of the scenario so you can get your bearings. In multiplayer it is important to coordinate with your allies and to decide on an escape method during the briefing; if you try to do it during the scenario, you waste time and give TPD the advantage.

There are 2 extra Syndikats who were in the city prior to the emergency plane landing who find themselves in the middle of a police raid at the start of the scenario. It is recommended to fill these slots only when you have more than 4 players.

And I even have an option for those of you who don't like the idea of running away, and would rather go out fighting.


I'm new here, and I don't know what the linking etiquette is what I need to do to provide a nice Armaholic link for the scenario. I'm going to assume that it's super gauche to link to Steam or Mediafire, but between the two Steam is probably the lesser of two evils (you at least know it isn't a virus that way, right?)