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#1 Posted at 2016-07-19 15:20        
So i have recently started to delve into creating addons for Arma 3, i started basic and created a small Unit patch addon. Today, i have been trying to learn how to create a small retexture addon (for testing purposes) I have followed many guides but there always seems to be something lacking and its giving me a bit of a headache. the most i have been able to do is add a retextured object into a particular mission. Currently I have a retextured Independant forces uniform and have converted it to a .paa, the problem is i have no clue on how to set up the config.cpp file correctly and what else i need in my project directory. none of my guesses or attempts to work it out myself has proven successful (Unsurprisingly) and i have not found anything that adequately explains what my Config file is supposed to contain ect. i have no doubt that i am just missing a really obvious and descriptive guide or i have just misunderstood something but i don't suppose anyone could dumb it down a bit for me as i am completely new to this kind of thing and i'm doing more of a crash course. All i need to know is what the config for a basic addon containing one uniform should look like and what the contents of my project folder should be.

Thanks in advance!

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We have an entire editing section so what would be the most obvious section to post in?

Exactly, next time you can re-post it in the correct section but since the sun is shining so nicely I will move the topic for you.