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#1 Posted at 2016-08-17 04:10        
In the multiplayer missions of Operation Flashpoint 1.96(yes,what I ask is OFP,not arma,but it is OK,arma and OFP almost the same),

when players in a vehicle and then players are dead,

the dead body of the human player will be ejected from the vehicle (no matter vehicle is still good or not )

I know the purpose of this design is to make the players get the equipments back after respawning

but now I have a special MP missions and I need to disable this global setting,

what should I do?

I already tried code ejectdeadplayer=1;ejectdeadplayer=2; in the Description.ext,no working

For example,

in any SP missions,addons M1A1 , players will not be ejected from tank when he is dead

in any MP missions,addons M1A1 , players will be ejected instantly from tank when he is dead

No matter if there is a "Ejectdeadplayer" in the cpp or not,

players will be ejected from a vehicle!

You die ,you ejected,And only happened in MULTIPLAYER MISSIONS!

To be sure,vehicle be destroyed is not the cause of “dead body eject”, the player get killed is the real reason, (players are sure of dead after vehicle be destoryed)

It is really does not matter with the addons, as long as the multiplayer missions, as long as the player is dead, body will be eject.

If you are using an exactly the same addon,turning one multiplayer missions into a single-player missions,when you die the dead body will not be eject.

I once design a vehicle addon, inside cpp,there is no definition such as"ejectDeadDriver, ejectDeadGunner, ejectDeadCommander, ejectDeadCargo",

but dead body still ejected forcely.

And we also found that, even if the user write a very simply multiplayer missions that without loading any scripts, just put some objects and units on the editior, after the death of the player ,body will be ejected.

Therefore, we can determine that, , OFP must be designed this global setting for any multiplayer missions(yes,it affects any multiplayer missions,inclulding self-made),

However, due to the high open of OFP engine , I think there must be a way to stop this setting.