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#1 Posted at 2016-09-14 05:52        
Hello everyone, i'm just wondering (and EXPECTING!) why every mod in arma 2 are awesome and realistic?. Why does modders of those mods doesn't port it to arma 3?. I was excited when mod like Pook SAM is ported to arma 3. I think, it is an example that porting arma 2 mods to arma 3 is possible. But again, why until this time i don't see arma 2 mods like VME The Chinese People's Liberation Army vom VME PLA Mod Team (that has ZTZ type tanks or J-10B fighter plane etc), or Modern Polish Army and Police Addon (that has PL-01 tank etc), or or JSDF mod (that has type-90 tanks etc), or North Korean mod, or ROK mod (that has K1 tank) etc etc. Okay, maybe you should think, why i don't just play it on arma 2?. Not to mention that arma 2 is bad, but the features on arma 3 is more awesome compared to its predecessor. I think many people thought that way too.

So, my question is:

1. Why their respective mod's dev doesn't port it to arma 3 (i hope you guys read this cuz your mods are awesome and we want them on arma 3!)
2. Are there some ways, or tips on how making it possible to play those mod in arma 3 (instead of porting it completely)

EDIT: sorry for wrong section, this should be on addons and mods section

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