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#1 Posted at 2016-09-25 02:43        
Thanks for looking! This is my first publicly released work, so please if the BIKEY/SIGN don't work let me know!

We at the 15th MEU (SOC) love RHS, but a lot of members complain about the NVG optic view, so we sought out to improve it, using ACE as a learning curve after looking at how they did the wide view NVG using the p3d, we settled on the following:


Imgur Album with more pictures:



Steam Workshop

BI Thread:

Phillips (15th MEU This was his brain child, and work)
Harrison (15th MEU for being an amazing overall guy and letting me bounce ideas off 24/7)
Entire ACE Team (Amazing Work you guys do)
Entire RHS Team (Amazing Work you guys do)
3CB (For handling my crazy 2am questions, and being an overall great set of guys to bounce ideas off)

Link removed, no advertising in the forums, no matter what. Link is on the downloadpage.

NOTE: We have encrypted the pbo, but if anyone wants the Source files, don't be shy and just ask, we will gladly provide it.

Requirements: (Forgot to post this on the BI thread, so if my post here can be updated that would be great!)

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#2 Posted at 2016-09-25 09:55        
Thanks for posting your release here on the forums. I have already made the news and the downloadpage some days ago.
You can find our mirror here:

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