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Hi there! The search is over, It's time to come join us on Day of The Dead! Thew new and up-coming DayZ server! We're built from a previous community, Many of us have been together for a very long time and we've decided to bring the Arma 2 base a brand new server! We have extremely friendly and helpful staff (Who all play legit as well) and some amazing people in our player base, We've spent 2 weeks developing just to get the server ready for all of you! We wish to welcome all of you onto our fantastic server :) We have Group Management working perfectly, Lots of AI missions, Plot pole management and more! We do events pretty often as well, As when the server get's populated we see it as a fun thing to do! Come check us out and I'm sure you'll have an amazing experience with us :)

Server rules

1.No Hacking/Duping/Glitching

2. No Harassing Other players

3. No voice in side

4. Always be mature.

There are no Thermal Guns, No tanks, No hydras, We only wanted things that seem like they belonged in a game mode like DayZ. There is only one .50 cal available and you must be a hero to buy it. We like to keep DayZ as it should be, An extreme survival, No militarized BS.

We want to bring you a server that you can be yourself on, One that you feel at home, We want you to not have to worry about people being ass holes, Acting childish or immature. If you ever have any issues our amazing staff team will always be there to help you. We are dedicated to our player and are here to serve. So come check us out! Give us the opportunity to be your new DayZ server

We are also currently looking for more North American staff on the server, So If we see you as somebody who represents himself well and is a good contributing member than we will definitely consider you for the position :)

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