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#1 Posted at 2016-12-16 10:57        
Hey guys. Newb alert incoming. Yes, this is my first post on this site and I was hoping for some pointers and mentoring on the ins and outs of 3Den.

The first project I've been wanting to make is an ARMA 3 remake of an old, obscure HL2 mod that I used to play called "Final Project" It's a psychological horror mod, heavily inspired by F.E.A.R. After various problems, the mod was released in a seemingly rough state but was still entertaining. Given the development hell of the mod, it lacks any semblance of a coherent story and merely sticks to the quite impressive horror aspects. I was hoping to remake it and give it a good story. Granted, a lot of what the mod offers may not be possible in 3Den but I sure want to try.