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#1 Posted at 2017-01-24 10:18        
I've been making my own extended campaign as an alternate path to the BI campaign.
Rather than CSAT invading Stratis all out, AAF forces land east of the marina and assault the airbase. Prompting the NATO forces to act and fast. They take advantage of their posting at Kavala, where paperwork and politics kept NATO there longer than the AAF would've liked. They used the nearby ruins and turned it into a military base with the hospital being a command center.
Player controls an ordinary NATO team-leader, however this team is elite and could be referred to as a Spec Ops team if they were equipped so. Missions go as follows:
1: Player raids rogue AAF soldiers in Girna, including the officer in charge there. Insert by speedboat
2: AAF Forces attack Camp Tempest, and the team is scrambled to assist, they arrive too late and retake the camp.
"Kavala" Player gets to explore the NATO position in Kavala
3: NATO Pushes AAF neighbors out of Kavala
4: A NATO Blackfoot is shotdown behind enemy lines, team must defend the pilots until medevac arrives. Here the player encounters CSAT soldiers rather than the usual AAF
5: Seeing as its time to go on the offensive. NATO attacks a large town, AAF and CSAT are holed up there, revealing that the two factions are fighting together.
6: NATO moves north and hits a CSAT base, hard
7: Preparing for an assault, NATO sends the team in via the HMS Proteus to take out a patrol-boat dock used by the AAF.

What I want to know is that is this the sort of action that would happen if this was in the real world?

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#2 Posted at 2017-01-24 17:00        
Here, you're not in the real world. You're on Arma!
Everything can happen, just limited by your imagination (and the number of armies/units/sides). You have to place your own cursor from withdrawal of troops to invasion or total destruction. But, you can't invoke "the real world" without opening Pandora box for endless polemics about far more complex situations than any Arma's campaign.



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#3 Posted at 2017-01-24 21:00        
Like Pierre said, it really does not matter all that much if it could really happen.

The way I plan out missions is, I pick a location (i.e. Pyrgos,Altis) and then see what would make fun and entertaining game play that leverages that location. I make a gameplay mockup that is fun to play through. Then I focus on why that would happen and craft a story around the gameplay. Add a lot of polish to that, and you get a great mission. For a campaign, I imagine it would be similar but you want to string a bunch of missions together.