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I would like to request that someone add a Boeing B-52H Stratofortress Long Range Heavy Bomber to Arma 3. I believe that this plane would make a great addition to the game not only in single player, but in campaigns, Co-Op & multiplayer as well. With up to 6 crew positions, there is lots of potential for many, MANY hours of multiplayer missions and game play. While there is an Arma 2 mod that you can sometimes get to work in Arma 3, when you can get it to load, it's pretty much good for only a static model as back drop. Nothing against or no disrespect intended towards the author of the Arma 2 Mod, as it works as intended and great in Arma 2, just not in Arma 3. I am requesting the H model because of the versatility of the newest, most recent upgrade of the airframe. The ability to launch and drop pretty much every bomb or missile in the US arsenal. While I do not expect the modder to make EVERY weapon available, some of the more well known and easily done weapons are requested along with the plane itself. A few examples are:

AGM-109H/L Tomahawk
AGM-28 Hound Dog
ADM-20 Quail

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is an American long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber. The B-52 was designed and built by Boeing, which has continued to provide support and upgrades. It has been operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) since the 1950s. The bomber is capable of carrying up to 70,000 pounds (32,000 kg) of weapons, and has a typical combat range of more than 8,800 miles (14,080 km) without aerial refueling.

Beginning with the successful contract bid in June 1946, the B-52 design evolved from a straight wing aircraft powered by six turboprop engines to the final prototype YB-52 with eight turbojet engines and swept wings. The B-52 took its maiden flight in April 1952. Built to carry nuclear weapons for Cold War-era deterrence missions, the B-52 Stratofortress replaced the Convair B-36. A veteran of several wars, the B-52 has dropped only conventional munitions in combat. The B-52's official name Stratofortress is rarely used; informally, the aircraft has become commonly referred to as the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat F*cker).

The B-52 has been in active service with the USAF since 1955. As of December 2015, 58 were in active service with 18 in reserve. The bombers flew under the Strategic Air Command (SAC) until it was disestablished in 1992 and its aircraft absorbed into the Air Combat Command (ACC); in 2010 all B-52 Stratofortresses were transferred from the ACC to the newly created Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC). Superior performance at high subsonic speeds and relatively low operating costs have kept the B-52 in service despite the advent of later, more advanced aircraft, including the canceled Mach 3 B-70 Valkyrie, the variable-geometry B-1 Lancer, and the stealth B-2 Spirit. The B-52 completed sixty years of continuous service with its original operator in 2015. After being upgraded between 2013 and 2015, it is expected to serve into the 2040s. (Information via Wikipedia, Link below)

B-52 on Wikipedia
B-52 on Boeing's Website
B-52 on


B-52 Technical Specifications

* Primary Function: Heavy bomber
* Power Plant: 8 Pratt & Whitney engines TF33-P-3/103 turbofan
* Thrust: Each engine up to 17,000 lbs
* Wingspan: 185 ft (56.4 m)
* Length: 159 ft, 4 in (48.5 m)
* Height: 40 ft, 8 in (12.4 m)
* Weight: Approximately 185,000 lbs (83,250 kg)
* Max Takeoff Weight: 488,000 lbs (219,600 kg)
* Fuel Capacity: 312,197 lbs
* Payload: 70,000 lbs (31,500 kg)
* Speed: 650 mph (Mach 0.86)
* Range: 8,800 mi (7,652 nautical miles)
* Ceiling: 50,000 ft (15,150 m)
* Crew: 5 (aircraft commander, pilot, radar navigator, navigator and electronic warfare officer
* Initial operating capability: May 1961 (Current ‘H’ Model)
* Armament: Approximately 70,000 lbs (31,500 kg) mixed ordnance -- bombs, smart weapons, mines and missiles. Modified to carry air-launched cruise missiles and Miniature Air Launched Decoy.



B-52 Stratofortress Bombers In Action
The Versatile B-52
B-52 Stratofortress in CARPET BOMBING ACTION

Thank You in advance to whomever takes up the challenge of making this mod for Arma 3! If you need help researching information, photos, videos, whatever, please let me know and I'll be glad to help. I have ZERO knowledge on how to mod or do 3D modeling, but I can Google like no one else, lol. Thank You!

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