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#1 Posted at 2017-04-28 22:54        
I use .50 sniper rifle with 12.7 Amax, enable advance ballistic and input all data to atragmx, elevation is accurate at any range but the wind adjustment always inaccurate if the wind is strong, so I think I get a wrong wind speed from kestrel 4500 or the atragmx is not reliable.

First I tried going up to the hilltop and read the maximum headwinds speed, use the mgi tactical glasses to get the wind direction precisely but the atragmx windage result also wrong ,sometimes get 1~2 mils error from point of impact at long range(1000-2000m).

Then I compare hornady ballistic calculator from the internet with atragmx in game but the result is no big different, almost no chance to first shot hit if the wind is strong.

Did I do something wrong or ace3 has a bug?
sorry for my bad English