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Killing Grounds is an open map battle ground where players can go solo or group up and fight other players. Earn money and XP from killing payers or AI or from completing AI missions, then spend the money on better gear or a better vehicle and the Perk Points on Perks received from leveling up through XP.


Highly customisable
Stat Save*
Group System
Customisable Aircraft*
Capture Zone*
AI Missions*
Virtual Garage*
Vehicle saving to map*
Loadout Saving
Building Loot*
Safe Zones*
Spawn Menu*
Settings menu that saves between servers

* Could vary based on server customization

Killing Grounds Client addon
Steam Workshop

Killing Grounds Server addon (Needed for localHost and Dedicated Server in addition to Killing Grounds Client addon)
Steam Workshop

Stratis Mission File: Steam Workshop
Malden Mission File: Steam Workshop

The server addon also has the mission files for dedicated servers as well as the BIKey.

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Thanks for posting the release here on our forums. We now have armaholic mirrors available as well :-)

Killing Grounds Client v1.0.01
Killing Grounds Server v1.0.01