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#1 Posted at 2017-07-23 17:19        
Hello all!

I like building: cities, camps, and bases in the ARMA 3 Eden editor.
When building these things I like to make them as realistic as possible. But to do so I need examples of real life locations (such as bases and cities) or ingame examples who look/are realistic.

Recently I started building a military base in the desert (inspired by the movie jarheads, where they are in a iraqi desert). I searched through google (and google earth) and didn't find a good map/picture of a base in the desert that whas complete (only a part of the base was visible).

Does someone know where I can find a map/picture of a real or ingame desert base? The base can have any purpose.

Thanks in advance!

[If something in my post is unclear please ask me about it, so i can make it clear]

Hey you, yes you! you look awesome <3!