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#1 Posted at 2017-08-07 13:07        
Hello everyone,

Like you already probably know, in the Arma 3 Eden Editor there are alot of objects ready to be placed in the game world. all of those objects have an X, Y and Z axis. You can modify these axis per object, but is it possible to select a group of objects and only set one axis to a certain value?

For example i have a couple of fence objects next to each other along the X axis and i want to only change the Y axis so they are exacly lined up. When i try to do this the X axis will be changes aswell and every fence is on the same location.

Can this be done in the vanilla Arma 3 Eden Editor or do i need a mod for this to work?

Also, can multiple objects be grouped into 1 object, so when I want to place a certain group of objects to another location by changing the axis, the group will be replaced to that location and the objects within still have their place next to each other?

For example you have the H-Barrier walls where there are a group of single blocks places next to each other treated like one object. Can i make my own sort of wall with multiple blocks and treat them as one object?

Thanks in advance!

note: i have a mild form of autism and i really like the axis to be precise :8.

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#2 Posted at 2017-08-31 11:52        
to your first ? i don't think you can do that since the X,Y,Z are the location for each object so when you change one it goes for them all.

to you second ? if you hold the LEFT mouse button down and drag over the object you want you get them inside a green square and they all get marked then you can move them around like if they was one object..

have you tried this MOD for working in 3den

It has some of the features you can use for your fences..

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