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#1 Posted at 2018-01-07 07:30        
So i made a mission with the editor to play on lan with friends when we get dispatched, something to do with no internet acess just a router.
Problem is when you join , join in progress you spawn as a bird. How do i get rid of bird spawn so friends can join us at any time.
I did search for a whole day i found nothing that could help me, i'm not a dev, thanks to armaholic so far i have no problem except the bird spawn issue.
Here is my mission file Mega link
Edit: Found out there is an other Editor instead of the ALT+E, the one i was using saves the missions as mission.sqf, and the other one saves missions as mission.sqm, made a mission, made a pbo of it and tested it on lan, i don't spawn as a bird anymore when i rejoin.

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