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#1 Posted at 2018-01-16 21:15        
I am working on a "Train your Character" script and trying to make it work with the Ace 3 Advanced Fatigue system.
Is there a way to get/set those settings and apply on individual units with a script command?
Settings in Module/Missionsettings
ace_advanced_fatigue_performanceFactor = 1;
ace_advanced_fatigue_recoveryFactor = 1;
ace_advanced_fatigue_loadFactor = 1;
ace_advanced_fatigue_terrainGradientFactor = 1;

Something like:
player setVariable ["ace_performanceFactor",0.8];

This is the first time i actually need to script something with Ace 3 but i dont get how this ace macro stuff works :(
Any help appreciated :)