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#1 Posted at 2018-02-21 00:16        
I have installed CBA, IDF mod (dependency on RHS Russian Forces, US Forces), Magav mod (dependency on RH M-4/M-16 pack)-dependent on IDF mod. I go into the editor, the Russian and US Forces are represented fine, all of the IDF forces are present but the personnel all show up in their skivvies, armor vest at their feet, and their helmets between their legs. That is when the game recognizes the IDF. Other times I receive the error message "Magav mod dependent on IDF mod, when in fact, the IDF mod is part of the playlist. But the darn thing is, even without the Magav mod ( the Israeli border police),the soldiers are still in their skivvies, armor vests at their feet and their helmets between their legs. Ideas?