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#1 Posted at 2018-02-22 17:18        

I Want to buy a new laptop so that I can play perfectly ARMA 2 and CS-GO.
I'm going to college this year for Mechanical Engineering course, so the machine will have to handle that later.
I'm currently living in Portugal, and my budget is 600€ MAX. I want to buy it from any Portuguese store because of any RMA issue that might come up.
So far I found a website that gathers some Portuguese shops. I have already sorted some laptops that I think might be a solution. From these what do you guys think I should buy? Thanks a lot!
What else do I need in my laptop?
1- Battery life
2-RAM - I Have no Idea what kind of requiremnts my course will require
3- Storage, not much, like 250 - 500gb will do.
4- It needs to last for at least 3 years

My selection for my next Laptop

Feel free to suggest any store or other computer that isn't listed here.
Thank you!