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In 1991, after the collapse of the USSR, the Republic of Chernorussia was separated from Russia under the leadership of the Democratic Party of Chernomorussia, but between Chernorussia and the Russian Federation there is a small mountain republic of Southern Zagorie, with large deposits of minerals, an outlet to the Green Sea, the vast majority of its population ethnic Russians. The authorities of the republic express their desire to withdraw from the Russian Federation and a possible accession to the DKP, illegal gangs appear. The RF loses control over the republic.

In view of the great importance of the republic and the danger of its transition to the structure of Chernorussia, the President of the Russian Federation issues a decree "On measures to curb the activities of illegal armed formations on the territory of the Republic of Southern Zagorje." In the Decree, the Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to "use all means available to the state to ensure state security, legality, citizens' rights and freedoms, protect public order, combat crime, disarm all illegal armed groups."

The troops were transferred urgently, because if the republic is not in time to take control, it will include the troops of the CSO and return it will be very difficult.

Illegal armed groups resisted the federal forces. In support of the Southern Zagorje, the nationalist party of NAPA, under the command of Dmitry Gromov and the Chechen field commander Khattub, made demands for the immediate withdrawal of the Russian military contingent from the republic. This position has gained popularity among the radical population and volunteers have rushed into the ranks of militants.

Authors \ thanks

Campaign author - [IMB]PIONEER
Idea - Dave
Plot - Dave, [IMB]PIONEER
Scenario - [IMB] PIONEER
Missions developing: [IMB]PIONEER
Thanks for helping in missions creations: Ханомаг, Romario, vergessenen.
Videos developing: [IMB]PIONEER
Special thanks to Zenger, for creating videos for the campaign.
Thanks to Intro for the introduction.
Testing: IMB team
Special thanks for active testing: [IMB]Воин, [IMB]rezakpower
English translation: [IMB]Kartoxa, vergessenen, Aretto
Campaign characters voiced by:
- SniperGRU
- [IMB]rezakpower
- [IMB]Tolsty
- vergessenen
- WerWolf3000
- Leteha
- Storm
- Behemoot
- zapor94
- Arigato
- Wildmen-rus
- Panikaha
- German

When passing a campaign, it is necessary to take into account the nuances:

There are 11 story missions and 11 videos in the campaign, full polyphonic voice acting. The plot touches the events of 2003-2005 in the Republic of Southern Zagorje. There is only text translated into English in missions, voices of characters are in Russian.

The campaign was tested on ArmA 3 v1.80, RHS v4.5, CUP v4.2. The working capacity is not guaranteed on other versions of the game or mods. The working capacity is not guaranteed with connection to any other modes (ACE, CBA, improvement of AI, etc.). If you find any mistake you can write to bug report.

There is an obscene language in the game, it is not recommended for children to play or playing with children. There is no third-person view, there are only hardcore and atmosphere. There is no possibility of time acceleration, the missions are made so that you do not need it.

You need to turn on the music, otherwise you will not be able to listen to it, an example of setting. If you are streaming a campaign or uploading records to YouTube - do not turn off the music. The work was done on it, covers of famous author's songs and allowed music were used so they do not turn off monetization or blocked the video. All soundtrack is here.

AI in ArmA 3 is not stable, the technique might roll over or not go, infantry might not correctly respond to your instructions, might not go, not shoot, lag, etc. If you encounter such problem it is recommended to replay the mission, If anything you can write to the bug report.

The equipment might remain in some consecutive missions.

Support for the campaign will only be to fix the bugs after the updates of the game and mods, to fix serious errors found during the gameplay write to bug report. Remaking in COOP will definitely not be.

Share your impression of the gameplay – it will be interesting to read. If you want to help the next development, use this link. With a particular interest there is a possibility of a small extra campaign or backstory campaign. Or another project at all.


Have a nice game!