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#1 Posted at 2018-03-13 14:59        
Sorry i guess somehow my last post violated something or was in the wrong place, rather then put it into the correct area it was deleted. I posted in the general section because i was really looking for a module that works for medevac in Arma 3. So hopefully this post will not get deleted.

Back in the Arma 2 AO days a script/ module used to exist that allows the player to call medevac and land at a red smoke gernade. This was a module and could be placed in any mission easily. I tried this module in Arma 3 but it did not work anymore, so I was wondering if anyone had another module. I would rather have the Module because it can easily be used for different missions, rather then writing a whole script per mission. If a module is not available i was looking for a script that might work. I have checked the forums and really don't see a FULL answer for what I'm looking for. I have tried assembling bits and pieces and have yet to get it right.

The idea would be as follows.
Medevac helicopter "Med_heli1" awaiting at the FOB or airbase.
Player would activate the medevac call using the radio menu.
Once activated the medical helicopter will begin the call. Trigger would have a timer so that the helicopter may not simply spawn or show up. The timer is to give the player the feel of waiting and securing a sight. Our birds are not ready at a moments notice unless it was already in the air.
"Med_heli1" would begin the journey to the EVAC site and would await a signal. This signal could be red, green, or Ir strobe as needed. Until the helicopter sees this or this trigger is activated it would orbit the player area to avoid being an easy target.
Once the helicopter detects it will land at the smoke, IR, or a suitable location. (Engines stay on and hopefully it doesn't crash)
Player can bring the casualty to LZ (helicopter) and it will be loaded onto. Once all wounded has been loaded or helicopter is full it would RTB and await it's next call.
(the idea of having the casualties removed vs having them healed instantly is up in the air, I prefer to have the guy off the squad because it is far more realistic and teaches you to really watch what your doing vs run and gun.)
(if this was not possible or not wanted the casualties can be healed over a time and returned to the players squad)
The other thing would be to LIMIT how many times the bird could be called or to set a trigger that can force the player to secure the LZ and make sure the no opfor is detected.
(In real life those birds dont fly into a hot LZ, that LZ needs to be secured and if you lose control or become overrun a hasty LZ would have to be established, they dont want the birds shot down and even though the 9 line has an ARMED escort option it is RARE.)

I have tried some of the options using the EDEN editor but it really looks like a mess so I'm assuming script or module would be the only way to make it work and not clutter up the entire map.

Thanks again for any help