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#1 Posted at 2018-04-18 00:00        
I've been reminiscing the days I used to play Cod: Modern Warfare 2 and I would really want to play ArmA using the maps from the Campaign, Coop and Multiplayer.

I'm assuming that it's not possible since somebody would've already done it but, is there a possibility that they could be ported over to ArmA 3 without investing a lifetime in doing so, and if so; is it possible to be done with other games e.g. Battlefield 3 etc.

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It is possible yes, but with a lot of hard work and experience. Check out the ArmA 3 tools and look on YouTube or here for map making guides. It's actually pretty simple once you get into it and used to working with the tools that are available.

This is in the wrong section by the way, it needs to be in Editing / Addon editing / Arma 3

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